Jayme is a bi, neurodivergent writer who prefers to work near brick walls with dogs by her feet and cats on her desk. The superhero fiction duology she self-published in 2012 was acquired by Booktrope under the title Highly Capable in 2015. Her short story “Journey to a New Home” was featured in the anthology, Magic Unveiled. The feminist essay collection, My Body My Words featured my piece “The Scars That Make Me” She has a steady rotation of short stories under consideration of SFWA qualifying magazines. She also co-writes Witcher-like fantasy with her critique partner under the name Octavia Stone. Jayme is currently splitting her time between restoring a hundred-year-old New England house, writing her next novels, and attempting to crack the puzzle that is Medium-induced passive income.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Booksandbirds is the new Too Many Words.